September 28, 2012

Screw this

Ok, so, since I wrote my three chapters, I can say


I'll start real blogging now :)

I'm planning to post a lot of pictures and DIY's.
So, YES, my blog will be usefull to you, I hope!

I'm searching for a way to make tabs or other pages to my blog.
Till then, I'll just label my posts with the 3 chapters.


Chapter 3: Eager

Eager to learn...

I don't know why, but I just like to know things.

I'm a kind of person thats interested in everything. I like to learn new things. And that could be in theoretical way, or practical, as an experience.

Like travelling: I hate persons who take a plane, travel to a beautifull country, and don't even leave their hotel. Really, I HATE them.
If I travel, I'm not a tourist. I'm a traveller. I'm interested in their culture, history and nature. I visit their country, to learn something.

Uomo Universale. Like a walking Wikipedia, haha
Yes, that's what I want to be.
Sience, history, art, culture....
And I want it just for myself. Not to show people how smart I am, or I don't know what.
No. I want it, because I appreciate life. I don't know how to explain it. What is life worth, if you don't know anything about life?
I think everybody has his own answer on the question: Why do we live?

I could answer it paradoxical: I live to learn and experience, and I learn by living and I gather experiences by learning from life.

Ok, maybe that's nonsense.
I just don't know how to explain it. It feels that I have an inner voice wich tells me to learn :)

Chapter 2: persistent

My life is a series of experiences who left me cold and angry.

And I didn't learn persistence...
I just had to be!

I never give up. If I start something willingly, no one can stop me. It doesn't matter how hard I need to work to achieve my goal: If I want it, I go for it. And I'm pretty sure I will reach what I want.

I could say school is the best example. I always want to make things hard for myself, to see how far I can go. How hard can I work to achieve my goal? Till now, in school, this strategy always worked. When I went to university, I told myself to stop working so hard, and just choose to study something what interests me. Biology.
Even if it wouldn't be too hard for me.

And well, you see where I ended. It lasted one year.

I'm back.

Again, I couldn't say no to myself. I needed a challenge again. I want to now how far I can go.
So I started bio-engineering studies.
This will be a hard year.
Just like I want.

September 27, 2012

Chapter 1 : Creative

Like I said, I describe myself with 3 words: creative, persistent and eager

Here comes the WHY of creative

Since childhood, my mother did everything to give me as many chances to learn something.
I really appreciate that from her.

I was a kid with so much hobbies, I needed to go somewhere everyday!!!

Arabic lessons, horseback riding, gymastics, music lessons, art school, dancing and so on.

Art school was my home for 10 years long. Untill I was 18...And I miss it so hard...
This is the place where I learned to use a pencil and a brush, a place where I never wanted to go.
Some people say, it's because of the 10 years of lessons that my drawing is so good. I don't think so. I was born with it, it was a gift;)

Music lessons also started when I was 7. At 8, I learned to play the flute. But I had a really bitchy german/Russian teacher, I still get the creeps if I see her. I cried a lot back then. So I stopped with the flute and finally started what I always wanted to do: playing the harp!
And my dream came true: My mother saved some money, and I got my very own harp about six years ago. And I'm still in love....
This year I took a break, so no lessons this year. University will take a lot of my time...
But I'm still playing, and I'm hoping to do some covers.

DIY-ing is not a hobby, it's a lifestyle for me. If I go shopping, and see something nice, you will often hear me say: that's easy to DIY!
The DIY-ing probably comes from my parents, die-hard DIY ers. Probably because money has always been a problem in our family. And in situations like that, my parents became creative.

Another thing I got from my mom is my love for fashion. I'm maybe not wearing the latest fashion, but I'm surely up-to-date!!
My mom, in her time back then, was an absolute fashionista, but also a weirdo. She used to buy fashion magazines and look at the clothes and sew them!
And guess what: I'm learning to sew to ;)
Plus, my mom happens to save all her old clothes, which has become my wardrobe now, I love her vintage stuff! ;)

So next thing: When I became 16, I started to learn myself the "real" photography, and got myself a DSLR. I'm still very happy I put my money in that. But I'm still in the learning process.

And then the rest:
I like cooking and baking
I like to write
I like to do my nails
I like to be creative with my hairstyles
I like decorating

and so on...

I guess you understand chapter 1 :D

PS: Did I excuse myself for my horrible English? I'm very sorry :s

I'm Back / New start / Finnally begining?

 well well....
Look what I found today!
My lonely blog...

A year has passed, as I see.
And, still, I'm trustless...

But at least my new computer, Mr. Waffles, isn't like my previous ;)

My first year at university passed really quickly. I had to redo only 1 exam: organic chemistry.
So in July, like every year, I spend my summer at the lokal kids club, playing with children, and earning some money.
And in august, I had a holiday job in a kindergarten. After my hours, I was learning o-chem....

So quite a busy "holiday" I had.

But at least, I passed my exam with 12/20, and decided to stop studying biology, and start studying Bio-engineering.
Explanation will follow maybe...

So that's where I am right now!
Colleges started this week, and I'm ready for new books, friends and pubs ;)